You Comment – I Follow a.k.a. ‘Do Follow’

DoFollow, Do Follow is taking part in the “You Comment – I Follow” movement, also known as the Do Follow movement

The movement is, if you post a comment on and post the link to your website/blog, you will receive some of the so called “link love” or “link juice”.  As a blogger, or website owner in general, you want content or links pointing to your site/blog. Links to your site is one of the major ways to increase your Google ranking or for the matter for most search engines. That’s why in the blogosphere, link love is high currency.

Now that with the Do Follow movement that started in 2007, we can remove the nofollow attribute from links in comments and backlinks in our blogs.  There are plugins to accomplish the same as listed here

Hope to see you guys join the movement & get yourself a badge promoting the movement. It is a good sign of togetherness and support amongst the blogosphere.

*Please note that Spam/illegitimate comments will be still deleted off

69 thoughts on “You Comment – I Follow a.k.a. ‘Do Follow’

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