Intellisense in VC++ for JD Edwards BSFN [Tips]

Here is an excellent way to kick start the Intellisense feature in VC++ for all the BSFN freaks. The article has been triggered based on Brian Oster‘s JDE List post

Getting straight to the point

  1. Start Visual Studio (VS) (I’ve used version 2010) directly. *Do not open it from JDE.
  2. Create a VS Makefile project
    Image 20150325_001Image 20150325_002
  3. Go through the wizard. At the following point
    Image 20150325_003Add the following:
    Include Search Path: D:\E910_1\DV910\include;D:\E910_1\DV910\include;D:\E910_1\system\includev;

    Build Command:

    Your paths may vary based on the setup. Build Command is optional.
    It allows you to launch JDE for debugging as an alternative to attaching to the process.

  4. Add your .c and .h files by selecting “Existing Item” (right click the Source Folder in the left navigation bar).
    Image 20150325_001 (2)You only need to add the files you are editing, Intellisense will dynamically parse all #includes.
  5. Enjoy code completion, reference lookup, and Intellisense
    Image 20150325_005

In addition to intellisense you can have project for what ever you are working on and if you have to go back you can see all the C source code files saved along with notes, breakpoints, bookmarks, etc.

Thanks to Brian Oster

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  1. Pranoy Reply

    Awesome…thanks Much for Great Article works like charm in 2008 too.


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