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    3 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. DD


      I have a query, While Running R00993 with F4311 BC value in Data Selection report runs fast, but when the secondary table is chosen (F4316) its taking a very long, almost 2-3 hours.
      would like to get your inputs in this, TIA.

    2. kishor

      I have worked in jde BSSV from last 2 years .
      now I want to do practice for JDE UBE and APP development but dont have much requirement or examples which i can try .
      can someone provide any document having examples (i am ok if you dont have ans with it) for UBE development or complex application development .
      kindly mail me @

    3. Laura Engdahl

      Can you help me with barcode printing in JDE, please?
      AS400 iseries
      JDE 9.1

      Thank you!

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